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Buy Saffron Online - Within India - 100% Pure Organic Natural Saffron from Kashmir
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Shalimar Brand Saffron- Finest Quality Grade A Kashmir Saffron          
Its Grade A Premium Kashmiri Mogra Saffron with almost all Red Threads with Color         Saffron Home
Power of 210+. Shalimar Saffron is what you need when to get best of your dishes.             Know in Detail About Saffron
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Shalimar Saffron Shalimar Saffron       Packed- Nov 2018             Best Before- Nov 2020
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Buy using Online Payment method (Delivers within 3 - 7days)   Cash on Delivery- Temporarily Not Available  
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Shalimar Saffron Threads- 1 Grams
  Shalimar Saffron- 1 Gram (1Pack of 1gr.) Rs.479/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 1 Gram (2Pack of 0.5gr.) Rs.525/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 2 Grams (1Pack of 2gr.) Rs.869/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 2 Grams (2Pack of 1gr.) Rs.880/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 3 Grams (3Pack of 1gr.) Rs.1249/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 5 Grams (1Pack of 5gr.) Rs.1450/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 5 Grams (5Packs of 1gr.) Rs.1750/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 10 Grams (2Packs of 5gr.) Rs.2699/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 10 Grams (10Packs of 1gr.) Rs.3050/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 25 Grams (1Pack of 25gr.) Rs.6400/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 25 Grams (5Packs of 5gr.) Rs.6700/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 25 Grams (25Packs of 1gr.) Rs.7400/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 50 Grams (1Pack of 50gr.) Rs.11900/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 50 Grams (10Packs of 5gr.) Rs.12500/-  
  Shalimar Saffron- 50 Grams (50Pack of 1gr.) Rs.13999/-  
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  Mobile No.*    
1 Pack of 1gram Rs.615/-  Rs.479/-
2 Pack of 0.5gram Rs.700/-  Rs.525/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 2 Grams    
1 Pack of 2grams Rs.1050/- Rs.869/-
2 Packs of 1gram Rs.1230/-  Rs.880/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 3 Grams    
3 Packs of 1gram Rs.1845/-  Rs.1249/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 5 Grams    
1 Pack of 5grams Rs.1999/-  Rs.1450/-
5 Packs of 1gram Rs.3075/-  Rs.1600/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 10 Grams     
2 Packs of 5grams Rs.3998/-  Rs.2699/-
10 Packs of 1grams Rs.6150/-  Rs.3050/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 25 Grams     
1 Pack of 25grams Rs.9000/-  Rs.6400/-
5 Packs of 5grams Rs9995/-  Rs.6700/-
25 Packs of 1grams Rs.15375/-  Rs.7400/-
Shalimar Saffron Threads- 50 Grams     
1 Pack of 50grams Rs.18000/-  Rs.11900/-
10 Packs of 5grams Rs.19990/-  Rs.12500/-
50 Packs of 1grams Rs.30750/-  Rs.13999/-
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  *Please note that Prices of Saffron keeps on changing.  
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