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Guranteed Quality & Return Policy
Shalimar Brand Saffron is 100% Pure High Quality Kashmir Mogra Saffron with Guranteed Quality.     To Buy Outside India - Click Here
Our aim is satisfied customer. Though if you don't like Quality of our Saffron from our site you        
can return us for 100% refund with following conditions-     Buy Saffron - Customers within India
1. You can return Saffron within 7days of receiving product.       Saffron Home
2. Saffron should not have been used more than 0.3 Grams irrespective of Quantity ordered.       Know in Detail About Saffron
3. Saffron you are returning should be sent in Original Packing/container.       Saffron Wholesale / Bulk Query
4. Rest of Saffron should not be spoiled/contain any other material.       Guranteed Quality / Return Policy
5. Customer will be required to put the container into suitable Cardbox/envelope for return.        
Return Steps-    
1. Contact us by Email- or via Phone on +91-9815167740 within 7days of receiving product mentioning reason for return.
2. You will be asked to pack the product in suitable envelope/box for safe transportation to us. You will be required to paste Return Label that we will send you.
3. Our Courier Partner will come and collect the product from you. Once we receive back our product and it mets above conditions we will refund total amount within
    2 working days to your Bank Account  . Please note that Bank Account Name must match the Buyers Name. Our Courier will not give any Cash/Cheque
   to you at time of collecting product.
4. If your delivery area is not covered by our Courier Partner we will ask you to return the product by using your own courier service. You will be entitled to get maximum
   shipping charge of Rs.100/- from us.
   Example if you buy product worth Rs.500/- and you use your own shipping service than Total Refund amount will be Rs.600/-.
   Once we receive back product same refund policy as mentioned in point no.3 will be applied.
We are confident that there will be no need of return as till today we have not received any return from our customers.
Shalimar Saffron Shalimar Saffron        
          Shalimar Saffron Buy Online India
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